Blessings by H.D.H. Pramukh Swāmi Mahārāj

(English Translation)


7 October, 2001

Amdāvād Mandir


Purna Purushottam Bhagwān Swāminārāyan, in order to liberate innumerable people and to establish ekāntik dharma, incarnated along with His divine abode, Gunātitānand Swāmi, and countless muktas. He initiated 500 sādhus who, in addition to renouncing both women and wealth, abided by the five vows of non-lust, non-avarice, non-taste, non-attachment and non-egotism. So that upāsanā remains eternally on earth, He built mandirs. Also, He instructed Pujya Muktānand Swāmi and other sādhus to author scriptures narrating the life of their ishtadev, Bhagwān Swāminārāyan Himself. So, in order to strengthen the faith and conviction of thousands of aspirants and allow them to attain ultimate liberation, the sādhus authored scriptures.

The Vachanāmrut is ‘amrut’ in the form of the words of Bhagwān Swāminārāyan. The teachings and principles uttered by Bhagwān Swāminārāyan in assemblies at Gadhadā, Sārangpur, Kāriyāni, Loyā, Panchālā, Vartāl, Amdāvād and other places had been compiled by the sādhus so that all can partake of that ‘amrut’. From that compilation they created a thorough scripture; and ‘amrut’ in the form of those words is the Vachanāmrut, which all devotees read daily. From the Vachanāmrut, one realises ātmā-Paramātmā, Brahma-Parabrahma, Akshar-Purushottam, Swāmi-Nārāyan. That is, one identifies one’s self with Akshar and worships Purushottam, thereby attaining the eternal, lustrous and divine Akshardhām of Purushottam Nārāyan. Also, dharma, gnān, vairāgya and bhakti coupled with the knowledge of the glory of God – that is, ekāntik dharma – are strengthened. One becomes free from desires and free from the influences of māyā, thus eternally remaining in the service of Mahārāj. One also attains eternal bliss. Such is the tremendous glory of the Vachanāmrut. Its words are the divine words of Bhagwān Swāminārāyan. It is the essence of all scriptures. It serves to uplift, benefit and liberate all people.

Previously, Shri Harshadbhai T. Dave had translated this glorious and liberating Vachanāmrut into English so that all those living both in India and abroad benefit. And now, a team of sādhus has re-translated the scripture. After all, in this day and age, only if such a scripture is available in English will people living abroad benefit. English is an international language. Due to such a translation, the divine words of Bhagwān Swāminārāyan become available to people of all countries of the world. Also, youths, devotees as well as scholars in both India and abroad will benefit.

So, realising the importance of such a glorious scripture, everyone should read the Vachanāmrut daily and study it deeply. Also, all should inspire others to read and study it, which is a great service to others. By doing this, Mahārāj, Swāmi, Shāstriji Mahārāj and Yogiji Mahārāj will be pleased. One will also attain peace, bliss in life and the divine Akshardhām of Mahārāj.


Jai Swāminārāyan from

Shāstri Nārāyanswarupdās

પ્રકરણ ગઢડા પ્રથમ (૭૮) સારંગપુર (૧૮) કારિયાણી (૧૨) લોયા (૧૮) પંચાળા (૭) ગઢડા મધ્ય (૬૭) વરતાલ (૨૦) અમદાવાદ (૩) ગઢડા અંત્ય (૩૯) ભૂગોળ-ખગોળનું વચનામૃત વધારાનાં (૧૧) વિશેષ વચનામૃત અભ્યાસ વચનામૃતમાં આવતાં પાત્રો આશિર્વાદ પત્રો નિવેદન વચનામૃતના સિદ્ધાંતોનો સારસંક્ષેપ પરથારો પરિશિષ્ટ