What are the Gujarati and Unicode Tabs for Microsoft Office Word?

The Gujarati Tab and Unicode Tab are tabs designed for Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, which take advantage of the Fluent Ribbon introduced in Office 2007. The Gujarati Tab is a tab that makes typing with Harikrishna-like fonts easier. You will be able to add conjuncts and special characters that require codes by clicking on their button in the Ribbon. The Unicode Tab was designed for use with Unicode Gujarati fonts.

You can learn about the features of Gujarati and Unicode Tabs, how to install them, and download them on the Download page.

Version History

Current Version 3.5:

  • Word 2010 Compatibility: Version 3.5 is now compatible with Microsoft Office Word 2010.
  • Your tabs visibility settings (Mailings, References, and Table Tools) will now be saved after closing Word.

Version 3.0:

  • Improved: Fonts Gallery. Gujarati Fonts are now displayed in a gallery control instead of a menu control. You can now easily view the font style and select it from the gallery.
  • Improved: Glyphs Gallery. The glyphs are also displayed in a gallery control.
  • New: Although not related to Gujarati, I added ability to hide Mailings, References, and Table Tools tabs in case there are too many tabs.
  • Code cleanup. More streamlining of the code.

Version 2.0:

  • New: Unicode Tab. Includes Unicode version of groups and buttons that are in the Gujarati Tab.
  • New: Harikrishna to Unicode conversion. Now, you can convert non-Unicode fonts (Harikrishna-type fonts) to Unicode fonts from within Microsoft Word. For a much faster conversion, you can use my online Harikrishna to Unicode converter.
  • Improved Harikrishna to Indica conversion. The code has been streamlined for faster processing.
  • Added Conversion Control Panel. The conversion process asks for user input before starting. Now you can choose up to 28 fonts that can be converted to Indica.
  • Added ability to convert spaces.
  • Added ability to select from 28 Gujarati Fonts belonging to Harikrishna-type fonts.
  • Minor corrections.

Version 1.0:

  • Font selection group: you can select from 5 different Harikrishna-type fonts and easily switch to common English fonts.
  • Half-letter and conjuncts groups. No need to memorize their character codes. Click to insert characters.
  • Punctuations and Glyphs group. Easily insert punctuations and glyphs that require character codes.
  • Hari to Indica conversion process. Convert Harikrishna font to the Krishna Indica font.
  • Key Savers. Type commonly-used words with one click of the mouse.