॥ શ્રી સ્વામિનારાયણો વિજયતે ॥


Spiritual Discourses

by Bhagwan Swaminarayan



Approximately four-and-a-half hours after sunset on Chaitra sudi 7, Samvat 1882 [14 April 1826], Swāmi Shri Sahajānandji Mahārāj was sitting on a wooden cot facing north in the courtyard south of the palace in Jetalpur. He was dressed entirely in white clothes. He was wearing a pāgh made from a thin, white cloth around His head. He had also covered Himself with a thin, white cotton cloth and was wearing a white dhotiyu. At that time, an assembly of munis as well as devotees from various places had gathered before Him.

After thinking for a moment, Shriji Mahārāj said, “Everyone please pay attention; today I wish to talk to you about things as they really are. Specifically, there is nothing greater than worshipping God. Why? Because everything happens according to the will of God. In fact, at this moment, even the will of this assembly can be fulfilled. By the grace of Shri Narnārāyan, even My will can be fulfilled; i.e., whatever I wish for is also fulfilled. Allow Me to elaborate on this.

“Whatever I will in My mind is fulfilled in this world. If I will, ‘May he attain a kingdom,’ then he will attain a kingdom. If I will, ‘May he lose his kingdom,’ then his kingdom will be lost. If I will, ‘Let there be this much rainfall here at this moment,’ then it will definitely rain here; and if I will, ‘Let there be no rainfall here,’ then it will not rain here. Also if I will, ‘May he attain wealth,’ then he does so; and if I will, ‘May he not attain wealth,’ then he certainly does not. If I will, ‘May this person be granted a child,’ then the person is granted a child; and if I will, ‘May this person not be granted a child,’ then the person definitely is not. If I will, ‘May he contract a disease,’ then he will contract a disease; and if I will, ‘May he not contract a disease,’ then he will not contract a disease. So, when I will for something, it actually happens that way.

“Then you will argue that a satsangi still has to bear joy and pain - he contracts diseases, he sometimes loses all of his wealth and luxuries, and despite working extremely hard all his life, he still remains poor. Well, the explanation for all of his efforts not yielding fruits is that it occurs in direct proportion to his slackness in engaging in the worship of God. God definitely wishes to assist him. In fact, if His own devotee is to face the pain of a shuli, God will reduce that pain by having him pricked by a mere thorn instead. As far as I am concerned, I feel, ‘If a satsangi is to suffer the pain of a scorpion sting, may I suffer that pain a thousand-fold instead, but a devotee should be relieved of that pain and remain happy.’ This is the boon I had requested from Rāmānand Swāmi. That is why I pray, ‘May good be bestowed upon all!’

“Also, I am always trying to keep the vrutti of people’s minds fixed on God. Why? Because I know everything about the past, the present and the future. In fact, while sitting here, I know everything that happens; even when I was in My mother’s womb, I knew everything; and even before I came into My mother’s womb, I knew everything. This is because I am God - Shri Narnārāyan Rishi. Even if a person who has committed extremely grave sins comes and accepts My refuge and abides by the niyams, then in his last moments, I will grant him My darshan and take him to God’s Akshardhām.

“Presently, the lord of Akshardhām, Shri Purushottam, being born to Dharmadev and Murtidevi - who is also called Bhakti - manifests in Badrikāshram and performs austerities in the form of Shri Narnārāyan Rishi. It is to denounce the beliefs of the hypocrites, to destroy any traditions of adharma and nurture the traditions of dharma, and to propagate bhakti coupled with dharma, gnān and vairāgya on this earth in this Kali-yug that Shri Narnārāyan Rishi was born to Shri Dharmadev and Bhakti in the form of Nārāyanmuni - who is presently sitting in this assembly.”

By saying this, Shriji Mahārāj filled His devotees with joy.

Continuing, He said, “The only purpose behind My repeatedly mentioning the predominance of Shri Narnārāyandev is that that same Shri Narnārāyan, who is Shri Krishna Purushottam and who resides in Akshardhām, himself sits daily in this assembly. That is why I speak of his predominance. So, realizing My form, I have spent hundreds of thousands of rupees on constructing a spired mandir in Amdāvād. That is why I first installed the idols of Shri Narnārāyan therein. That Shri Narnārāyan is the lord of countless brahmānds. Of these, he is especially the lord of this Bharat-khand. Those people in Bharat-khand who disregard this manifest form of Shri Narnārāyan by worshipping other deities are like adulterous women who leave their husbands and become attached to other lovers. Even the Shrimad Bhāgwat mentions that Shri Narnārāyan is the lord of this Bharat-khand.

“Furthermore, it is for the liberation of the jivas that I have manifested along with these sādhus. Therefore, if you abide by My words, I will take all of you to the abode from which I have come. So you should also realize, ‘We have already attained liberation.’ Furthermore, if you keep firm faith in Me and do as I say, then even if you were to suffer extreme hardships, or even if you were to face the calamities of seven consecutive famines, I will protect you from them. Even if you were made to suffer miseries from which there seems to be no way out, I will still protect you - but only if you meticulously observe the dharma of My Satsang, and only if you continue practicing satsang. However, if you do not, you will suffer terrible miseries, and I will have nothing to do with you.

“This time, I have left no deficiency in any matter whatsoever. Just look, I have performed several sacrifices in this village of Jetalpur. I have also been visiting here for so many years; I must have bathed in this lake along with My sādhus thousands of times; I must have visited each home in this village of Jetalpur a hundred times, and I have also taken meals in every home. In this way, I have rendered this village and its outskirts even more sanctified than Vrundāvan.”

As Mahārāj was saying this, a large ball of light appeared in the sky, and then split into three distinct balls. They then hovered above the mansion for a while and then disappeared.

Seeing this phenomenon, everyone asked, “Mahārāj, what was that?”

Shriji Mahārāj revealed, “Everyday, Brahmā, Vishnu and Shiv come for My darshan and the darshan of this assembly of sādhus. But today, by the wish of God, you have been able to see them along with their celestial vehicles.”

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