My Mathematics Pages

Welcome to my mathematics pages. I am putting together some good reference pages on various topics of mathematics. Some of the information here are my discoveries, while most of it are just topics that I found interesting. Use the navigation on the left side (or click on “Menu” above) to peruse through the site. As of September 12, 2009, I don’t have many pages created yet. I am slowly converting my Word documents to HTML.

Most pages on this site shows equations in MathML rendered by MathJax scripts. Javascript will be required to display the equations.


After many years, I have been updating the mathematics pages. The updates include:

(1) The equations are now in the SVG image format. You should be able to view the image in another tab to zoom in on some images for a better view.

(2) Some images have been updated with better graphing software. Some of these images are in the SVG image format for better scalability.

(3) New topics added, such as a page about Conic Sections, Hyperbolic Functions, Cycloid Properties, Cycoidal Curves, etc.

(4) Many Geogebra activities have been included for a hands-on approach to some concepts.

(5) Site has been made friendly for mobile devices. Equations have been split up so they wrap to another line. However, some equations cannot be split and will roll off the page of small devices. In some cases, this was unavoidable.