Javascript Guide


April 2, 2010

There are many sites on the Internet providing tutorials on Javascript. It's a powerful language. I am creating this site on Javascript after I searched many sites to find information I need about Javascript. I couldn't find one comprehensive site that gave me solutions to the problems that I encountered. Hence, I had to research several sites and piece the code together to get the functionality I needed.

This site is an attempt to provide solutions to certain tasks you may want on your site. Although the scope is not to cover the basic of Javascript, I will provide a few basic points about Javascript. You will learn the following from this site.

  • Brief introduction to employing Javascript and Javascript syntax.
  • How to reference objects in your HTML document.
  • How to manipulate form input fields with Javascript.
  • Scripts to validate phone number, email, and date.
  • How to use math functions for calculations.
  • How to input special characters with escape sequences.

Hopefully, this is not just another site for Javascript and you will find it useful.