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This site started out with a tutorial on how to type Gujarati on an English keyboard. I created a Gujarati keyboard layout with the keys placed phonetically on an English keyboard. As I learned more Javascript and PHP, I started adding more sites with some useful information. I created pharmacokinetics calculators for vancomycin and aminoglycoside dosing, which is helpful for pharmacists. I also added a guide to modifying the Microsoft Office Fluent Ribbon, which led me to create Microsoft Office tabs for Gujarati and Unicode to help others type Gujarati faster in Microsoft Word.

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Read the complete text of Bhagwan Swaminarayan's Vachanamrut in English or Gujarati. The site includes popup footnotes, appendices, ability to search the text, listen to the audio, and record your reading history.

ભગવાન સ્વામિનારાયણનાં વચનામૃત આ સાઈટમાં અંગ્રેજી અને ગુજરાતી ભાશામાં વાંચી શકો છો.

Online Swamini Vato

Swamini Vato

Now you can read the Swamin Vato online. This mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly site includes vato from 7 prakarans of Swamini Vato, including the footnotes, in Unicode and non-Unicode Gujarati. English translation from the published BAPS Swamini Vato and English transliteration is also included. The text is extensively hyperlinked to Vachanamruts and kirtans that are referenced. Additionally, you can read the Swamini Vato based on their lenght from shortest to longest.

આ સાઈટમાં સ્વામીની વાતોના સાત પ્રકરણ ગુજરાતી યુનિકોડમાં અને નોન-યુનિકોડમાં ઉપલબ્ધ છે. વિષેશ, વાતોને પુષ્ટિ કરતી પાદટીપો પણ વાંચવા મળશે. મોબાઈલ ફોનથી સહેલાઈથી વાતો શોધી શકાય અને વાંચી શકાય તેમ આ પૃષ્ટો રચ્યા છે.

Online Kirtan Muktavali

Kirtan Muktavali

This mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly site includes all kirtans found in the BAPS Kirtan Muktavali Parts 1 and 2. Additionally, the site includes kirtans from Bal Sargam and Shishu Killol, which are currenly not published as text. The text is in Unicode Gujarati, English transliteration, and Harikrishna Gujarati. You can find kirtans based on their alphabetical listing, by writer, by category, or by publication media.

બી. એ. પી. એસ. કીર્તન મુક્તાવલી ભાગ ૧ અને ૨નાં કીર્તનો આ વેબ સાઈટમાં ઉપલબ્ધ છે. આપ કીર્તનો અનુક્રમ, રચઈતા, કૅટેગોરી, અથવા પ્રકાશીત ‌ઑડીયો કૅસેટ/સી.ડી. પ્રમાણે શોધી શકો છો.

Online Bhaktachintamani


Read the Bhaktachintamani by Sadguru Nishkulanand Swami. These pages contain the 164 prakarans of the Bhaktachintamani in Unicode Gujarati, Harikrishna Gujarati, and English transliteration. Titles have been given to the prakarans to aide in finding prakarans.

આ વેબસાઈટમાં સદ્ગુરુ નિષ્કુળાનંદ સ્વામી રચિત ભક્તચિંતામણિના ૧૬૪ પ્રકરણ ગુજરાતી અને અંગ્રેજીમાં ઉપલબ્ધ છે.

All about Gujarati Typing

Gujarati Typing

This site offers everything you wanted to know about typing in Gujarati (and maybe more). The site includes:

  • Guides on how to install Gujarati language support in Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple's Mac OS X
  • Tutorial on the rules of typing Gujarati and Hindi using Shruti, Mangal, and other Unicode fonts
  • Free download of my customized Gujarati Phonetic and Hindi Phonetic keyboard layouts for efficiently typing Gujarati with an English keyboard for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Free download of some Gujarati and Hindi (Devanagari) Unicode fonts

Gujarati and Unicode Tabs for Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010

Gujarati and Unicode Tabs Site

This site gives you an overview of a customized tab I created for Microsoft Office Word 2007/2010 Ribbon UI. Gujarati Tab aids in typing Gujarati with Harikrishna-type fonts and Unicode Tab aids typing with Unicode fonts. The tabs also contain useful tools such as converting from non-Unicode Harikrishna fonts to Unicode fonts.

Customizing Microsoft Office Fluent Ribbon UI

Customizing Office Ribbon

This is my tutorial on how to customize the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 Ribbon UI. Contains walk-through examples that include how to hide and show tabs, creating a unit conversion tab for Excel, etc.

Pharmacy Calculators

Pharmacokinetics calculations for vancomycin and aminoglycosides dosing. Includes calculations for body surface area, iron-dextran dosing, calcium and phenytoin (Dilantin) correction for low albumin, renal clearnace calculations, and temperature conversions.